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Why Should You Seal Your Driveway This Fall?

Driveways may not always be a home maintenance priority, but they’ll become cracked and damaged with age and use, especially if not protected from the weather. Pressure washing and a seal coat are crucial. Here’s a helpful guide to sealing your driveway this fall.

A Driveway-Sealing Guide

Why should I seal it in the fall?

Fall is the preferred time of year to pressure wash and seal concrete driveways. Sealing driveways reduces the chances of weather-induced cracking from freezing and thawing. Without a sealer, a driveway absorbs water through cracks in its surface. When water freezes and expands, your cement will degrade. A sealer will also prevent minor cracks from getting worse. In addition, it will prevent oil and salt from staining the surface and help maintain the appearance of your home.

What will happen if I don’t seal it?

Without a sealer, mold and mildew may form on cement, a chronic concern as winter snows melt. A sealer will protect your driveway from developing mold as well as from the salt you throw down on it for traction. Long-term use of rock salt is damaging to cement and can cause discoloration and corrosion.

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What are the steps to seal it?

Pressure washing to remove layers of oil and dirt is recommended. After the surface is clean, a professional chooses the right sealant for the job and applies it for long-lasting wear.

If you’re looking to pressure-wash and seal your driveway before fall, consider Hot Shotz Mobile Power Wash in St. Charles, MO. For 30 years, this dedicated team has removed tough stains from driveways and siding across the St. Louis Metro area. For a limited time, schedule clean-and-seal driveway pressure washing for $249. Call (636) 939-0600 to make an appointment, or visit the website to learn more about their residential power-washing services.

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