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The Ultimate Guide to Fence Cleaning: Tips & Methods

First off, why should you clean your fence? Over time, fences get dirty, mildewy, algae-y, and stained with other gross stains. Fence cleaning is crucial because dirt and debris can accelerate rusting in metal fences, and mold or mildew accumulation can lead to wood rotting—bad news if you’ve got a wooden fence. This accumulation is an eyesore and equally destructive.

Keeping your fence clean isn’t just about aesthetics (although a clean wall adds a little beauty to any backyard). Routine cleaning will give your fence a better curb appeal, improve its lifespan, and help avoid damage that could require expensive future repairs. So not only does it have aesthetic value, but it can also potentially save your wallet from shedding any tears.

Proper cleaning schedules are critical to long-term value. This complete and comprehensive guide will tell you how to properly clean your fence and give it the treatment it deserves. By the end of it, your fence will shine like never before.

Cleaning Wooden Fences By Hand

Wooden fences are rustic and classic but need more maintenance than other fence types. Here’s how to take care of them:

1. First Rinse

Start by hosing down the fence to remove dirt and debris. This will make the later cleaning process more manageable.

2. Mix Cleaning Solution

Mix a mild detergent with water in a bucket or vinegar with Epsom salts to make a quick, homemade cleaning solution. For tough stains, add a little bleach. Always wear gloves when using bleach and test on a small area first. Avoid harsh chemicals 

3. Scrub the Fence

 Let the sponge or soft brush be soaked in the cleaning solution, and then scrub the fence. Work in sections to make sure you clean the whole wall. If you’re using a wire brush, make sure to be gentle, or it could cause damage to the wall.

4. Rinse Well

Rinse the fence well with a garden hose to remove all soap. Ensure all the detergent is gone, or it will damage the wood.

5. Dry

Let the fence dry completely. Apply a wood sealant to prevent future stains and weather damage, if needed.

For mold Or Algae:

Start by mixing one part chlorine bleach and a teaspoon of dish soap with two parts water and spraying it on the troubled spots. Let the solution sit briefly, then use a bristle brush to scrub away the mold.

After that, make sure you rinse off your fence thoroughly with a garden hose or something similar.

You could also clean your fence through pressure washing. If you’re not acquainted with the pressure washer’s settings, then consider hiring a professional instead to avoid damaging your fence and be guaranteed that the work will be done carefully and efficiently.

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