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4 Easy Deck-Staining Steps

Wooden decks give outdoor spaces a timeless charm, but they do have to be restained periodically. Power washing and a fresh coat of stain protect wood from moisture, sun damage, and insects. Here are a few basic steps for staining your wood deck and keeping it looking beautiful for years to come

Staining a Deck in 4 Easy Steps

1. Power-Wash the Deck

Pressure washing lifts dirt, ugly stains, patches of moss, and debris from your roof, leaving it looking polished and new. A roof is a focal point of a home’s exterior, accounting for a significant portion of its visible surface. A worn-looking roof detracts from your home’s overall appearance and diminishes its value.

2. Choose a Product

The stain you choose will affect the appearance of your deck and your future maintenance needs. Transparent stains, which let the natural grain of the wood show through, usually have to be reapplied every year. Although opaque stains may last five years or longer, they tend to look more like paint.

3. Apply the First Coat

Once a deck is dry, use a natural bristle brush to apply the first coat. Be careful to work the stain into the wood’s grain and pores as well as into the joints where boards meet.

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4. Go Over It Again

Once the first coat has dried, the wood won’t absorb any more stain. Apply a second coat right away, and allow it to dry completely. Many types of wood require two coats of stain to be fully protected. If your deck is constructed of dense hardwoods, however, you may need only one.

If you’re staining a deck in Missouri’s St. Louis or St. Charles counties, contact the experts at Hot Shotz Mobile Power Wash to handle the power washing. They’ve been serving homeowners throughout the area for over 30 years, using high-quality materials and advanced techniques. Visit their website for more information on their residential power washing services, or call (636) 939-0600 to request an estimate today.

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