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3 Reasons to Have Your Roof Power Washed

Your roof protects your home from the elements and absorbs the brunt of whatever nature throws its way. Over time, a roof may show wear. Though a little dirt and discoloration may not seem like a big deal, a buildup of grime may shorten a roof’s life span. Here are three top reasons you should consider pressure washing your roof.

Why Pressure Wash Your Roof?

1. Curb Appeal

Pressure washing lifts dirt, ugly stains, patches of moss, and debris from your roof, leaving it looking polished and new. A roof is a focal point of a home’s exterior, accounting for a significant portion of its visible surface. A worn-looking roof detracts from your home’s overall appearance and diminishes its value.

2. Protection

Moss, algae, and mold aren’t just unsightly; they may damage your roof. They trap moisture against the shingles, leading to rot. As the wood beneath the shingles begins to decay, mold may spread. Algae, which feed on asphalt and limestone, should also be concerning to homeowners. Algae spores spread quickly in the wind and can cause significant damage to a roof. An annual pressure washing helps to eliminate algae, moss, and mold before they result in costly roofing repairs or replacement.

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3. Warranties & Insurance

Failing to keep a roof clean may invalidate its warranty. Many shingle manufacturers make warranties conditional on roof care. Some insurance companies are also beginning to demand that homeowners clean roofs to obtain coverage, reasoning that a dirty roof is a threat to a home’s structural integrity.

Looking for a reliable and professional pressure-washing company to help maintain your roof? Hot Shotz Mobile Power Wash in St. Charles, MO, is here to help. Serving the Greater St. Louis area for over 30 years, these house cleaning experts can quickly remove the toughest stains from siding, roofs, and concrete. Visit their website to view their full lineup of residential services, or call them today at (636) 939-0600 for a free estimate.

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