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Practical Advice for Industrial Pressure Cleaning

Is your parking lot’s appearance worse for wear? It may have had enough weather-related damage, tire marks, and oil leaks. An immaculate parking lot presents a great first impression to customers. It creates a welcoming, comfortable environment and demonstrates your attention to detail to clients. However, who has the time or energy to remove dirt and grime manually? That’s where Hot Shotz comes in, offering you the convenience of a professional cleaning service so that you can focus on your business.

At Hot Shotz, we are not just another cleaning service. We are experts in commercial pressure washing, and we can turn your parking lot from ugly to gorgeous. We eliminate filth, grime, and stains using effective but delicate cleaning methods without endangering the asphalt, giving you the confidence that your parking lot is in the best hands.

This article provides some useful pressure-washing parking lot ideas, whether you do it yourself or hire the Hot Shotz team.

Organizing for Achievement: Before Soaking

A little planning goes a long way to get a beautiful parking lot. Here are some essential points to remember:

  • Select the ideal day: Avert strong winds and the searing heat. Choose a day with a clear sky and a temperate temperature for ideal washing and drying.
  • Tidy up the area: Ask customers to park somewhere else on cleaning day. Clear the parking lot of all furniture, signage, and garbage cans.
  • Assemble your materials: For do-it-yourself projects, you’ll need a pressure washer fitted with the correct nozzle (fan nozzles work best on asphalt), a degreaser for tough stains, safety goggles, long trousers, and gloves.

Hot Shotz Discloses: Cleaning with Pressure Like a Pro

Let’s get right to the exciting stuff now: parking lot cleanup! Here’s how to guarantee a secure and efficient wash:

  • Pre-wet the surface: Use a low-pressure setting to dampen the parking lot. This releases dirt and grime, allowing for a more thorough cleaning.
  • Apply a degreaser (optional): If tire marks or stubborn oil stains need to be removed, use a degreaser according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow it to work its magic for a few minutes at most.
  • Complete the cleaning: Use a fan nozzle and adjust the pressure to a medium setting. Continue sweeping from top to bottom, keeping a safe gap of 12 to 18 inches between the nozzle and the asphalt. Overlap your strokes to ensure you don’t miss any spots.
  • Thoroughly rinse: After washing the whole parking lot, use the low-pressure option to remove any last bits of dirt and cleaning solution. Be cautious around edges and curbs.

Expert Advice from Hot Shotz Experts

  • Work in sections: Only attempt to clear the parking lot at a time. Break it into smaller chunks so the cleaning solution doesn’t dry on the asphalt.
  • Keep your hands off expansion joints and cracks: Treat these areas carefully. Use a lower-pressure setting to prevent them from becoming wider.
  • Prioritize safety: Always use gloves and safety glasses when doing pressure washing.

When to Give the Hot Shotz Crew a Call

Parking lot pressure cleaning may take a lot of time. Here are a few indicators that it would be wise to let the experts handle it:

  • Sizable or highly discolored parking lots: Our skilled experts can effectively perform large works because they have the necessary tools and knowledge.
  • Sturdy stains: We have strong cleaning agents that can get rid of even the most stubborn filth.
  • Time constraint: We can swiftly and effectively clean your parking lot, freeing you up to concentrate on managing your company.

The Distinction of Hot Shotz: Greater Than a Simple Clean

We do more than just pressure wash here at Hot Shotz. Our company offers a wide variety of commercial pressure washing services, including gum, stain, and graffiti removal in addition to surface cleaning. Our personnel are well-trained to provide a speedy and secure cleaning process, and our services are customized to meet your specific needs.

Use Hot Shotz for all of your parking lot cleaning needs for the following reasons:

  • Experts with years of experience: Our staff has years of experience in commercial pressure washing. They have good training. They have a great deal of expertise and are qualified in the newest cleaning methods. They are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service.


  • Excellent equipment: We employ the newest and greatest pressure washing equipment available, such as powerful pressure washers, cutting-edge nozzle systems, and creative cleaning solutions, to provide a thorough and efficient clean. We can guarantee that your parking lot will get the greatest results thanks to our investment in cutting-edge technology.


  • Excellent customer service: We want you to have the best possible experience from start to finish. 


Upkeep Advice to Keep Your Parking Lot Shining

After a spotless parking lot, follow these suggestions to maintain its finest appearance:

  • Consistent cleaning: To avoid filth and grime accumulation, schedule routine pressure cleaning services quarterly or annually.
  • Deal with spills right away: Resolve oil and other debris leaks immediately. Clean them up as soon as possible to avoid discoloration.
  • Take care while landscaping. Trim shrubs and tree branches to prevent leaves and other debris from building up on the asphalt.
  • Signage is essential: Put signs requests to not spill liquids or leave trash in the parking lot.

Are You Prepared for a Gleaming First Contact?

A clean parking lot impresses everyone. It also creates a safe and comfortable environment for them. These pointers will assist you in creating a glittering and welcoming environment. Regardless of whether you decide to take on the job alone or hire the Hot Shotz team. So, are you ready to make a gleaming first contact?

If you’re ready to throw off the dirt and display your brand, contact Hot Shotz right now for a free quotation! Our quotation includes a detailed assessment of your parking lot’s cleaning needs, a customized cleaning plan, and a transparent breakdown of the costs involved. It’s a risk-free way to explore how Hot Shotz can help you maintain a clean and professional parking lot.

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